Pick from one of four templates (alliterative free verse, haiku, general free verse with your choice of setting, and halloween-themed) and generate some poetry!

The two kinds of free verse have the biggest word banks to pull from, so you'll get more variety with those (my favorite templates are the alliterative free verse with the letter s and the regular free verse with the party setting).

I'll probably keep updating this game to add more options and such whenever I get the randomly generated poetry bug. :)


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Wow. I quite like the results, how deep & meaningful they sound.

Among the Water

The sapling rests up in the branches
While you quiet the grove with a single arrow
The eolian harp brings me to tears
As I think of the hands of God

Oh, but I've always wanted to tell you
I know the seed you're trying to believe in
And when the sun goes down
You'll be back in the city

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun picking out which words to put with each kind of poem.